This document was last updated: June 17th, 2024.


The Ohio State University, Public Leadership Management & Policy B.A. (In Progress), Morrill Scholars Program

May 2028

Metro Early College High School/Columbus State Community College, Ohio S.T.E.M. High School Diploma Completed, College Credit Plus Program

June 2022

Professional Experience

The City of Columbus, Ohio (CBUS) Columbus City Council Student Intern 

October 2023 — December 2023

Transit Columbus (TC) Board of Directors Appointee,

October 2023 — March 2024,     

    June 2024 — Present 

Active transportation & mobility equity advocacy work.

(TC) Community Outreach & Communications Coordinator

April 2024May 2024

Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) Mobility Services Travel Trainer, 

October 2023December 2023

Provide detailed information on COTA services & how to ride COTA transit vehicles to groups/individuals.

(COTA) Govt. Affairs/Transit Operations/Planning Intern,

June 2022September 2023

Real-world public transit operations and management background.


Paradise Garage Salesperson/Bike Assembly Tech./Brand Advocate,

April 2021 Present

Seasonal retail associate & Bike Assembly Technician.

Value Added/Skillsets

·   ESRI ArcGIS & Adobe Illustrator

·       Enterprise I.T.  Deployment (macOS/JAMF, Windows, ChromeOS, Google Admin)